A1. 5×3 Deadlift (TnG Reps)
A2. 5x40sec Sorenson

B. For Max Reps:
3 mins of
5 pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats
Rest 3mins


5 Rounds For Cal
2min Row
2min AB
2min Ski


A1. 4×8 WTD Dips
A2. 4×8 WTD Reverse Snow Angels

B.4 RFT:
20 wall balls #20/14
14 ALT DB Snatchs #50/35
5 Bar muscle ups


24min Amrap
200m run
10 deadlifts #235/145
45sec wall sit
ALt rounds in teams of two


Welcome to your NEW CrossFit Higley home!

From the bottoms of our hearts… thank you to everyone who came by to help with our move to our new facility. Its been a rough weekend but we were able to set everything up just in time for Monday. We truly appreciate all the help!

We hope you all will love it

-CrossFit Higley Crew

A. Front Squat

B. 14 min Amrap
400m Run
15 Thrusters 95/65
12 Toes to Bar